Survival Method (formerly known as Enchant) join LTL Records. Reality Blurred 7″ coming in 2016. Follow the band on twitter (@survivalmethod_) and listen to their old demos here:

MAY UPDATE!!!!!!!!
YO everyone, D-CAN here with the mother fucking monthly update. This shit will be the best way to find out what’s actually going down so check your email and don’t mark me as spam or I’ll get revenge in virus form (that’s a joke…or is it?!).
This bad boy is in and now shipping. The hornets nest boyz killed it with this shit. Buy the record directly from the LTL store or you can download it through the LTL bandcamp. Pick up a record or a new badass shirt while they last!
Now up for pre-order so what the HELL are you waiting for? This is one of the coolest records I’ve heard in a while. It’s very punk influenced and a little different from the normal LTL swag but who the hell cares? Good music is good music so check that shit out! Pre-order the 7″, or a test if any are left, or a new tee through the LTL store OR you can stream / download it through the LTL bandcamp. (the links are above in the previous paragraph!!!!) Expect a cool music video soon!
This thing is in the works I promise for those of you who have been asking. Waiting on the artwork to be finished (being handled by youth crew super god – Ev MINDSET / REACT! fame) and you bet it’s going to be badass. This is a discography 12″ because the band ended and I wanted to give everyone one LP with everything the band ever recorded including some bonus material. All of it has been re-mastered for your listening pleasure and I promise will be amazing when it drops (soon this year).
D-CAN – Operation: D-CAN
Most of you know by now that I am an aspiring rapper. Wait, what the fuck did you just say? You rap? Yeah or try to at least. I’m a hip hop head and love that shit man so in my free time I like to rhyme. All my music is up for free download including the latest 6 song EP I put together. It’s a tribute to MF Doom so naturally I’m rapping over his instrumentals. Expect an extremely weird music video to drop soon but check out the jams for free on my bandcamp. Here is the link. Watch me here.


LTL – 021 – HARDWIRED – S/T 7″
This bad boy is out now and available through LTL, RevHQ, the band, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.. The rarest version of this record is almost sold out so make sure to grab one while you can. Hardwired has a bunch of cool shit planned for this year so make sure to stay in the loop through our twitter / instagram accounts.

Yo everyone Self Destruct just recorded their debut 7″ “High Voltage” and it’s on the way to the plant right now. This bad boy brings you 6 new tracks from North Carolina’s Hornets Nest Boyz.

LTL – 023 – Head Creeps – Calling All Creeps 7″
This hasn’t even been announced yet but if you are reading this then you are badass. Jacksonville, FL’s very own HEAD CREEPS just finished up recording their debut record and it’s punk as fuck. It’ll be on its way to the pressing plant in the next week or so. They are about to be on tour so make sure to check their facebook for dates.

LTL – 024?? – Truth Inside – Keeping It Alive 12″
This shit has been long in the making and the artwork isn’t even finished yet but long story short Truth Inside called it before ever releasing an LP. I decided to get the entire discography re-mastered by Carl Saff and it’s going on a damn 12″. This record will have everything the band recorded including some covers and unreleased material. Definitely stoked on this one. It’ll be out towards the end of this year.

Malice At The Palace (members of Cold Hearted, Mother Of Mercy, Beware, and Letdown..yeah I just named all of those) is a newer band out of Pensacola, FL and is influenced by bands like Merauder and Slayer. They’ve put out two demos and we joined up with them to release a badass tape with awesome artwork done by the legend known as Steven Kulesza. This thing is on the way and will be out in April.

You can know check out the entire LTL discography release information under “Discography”. I also updated the bands section and it now has links to each band listed.

Join the mailing list if you want to keep in the loop. Emails go out about once or twice (at most) every month and if you don’t like checking out any of our social networks, it is the quickest and easiest way to stay in the loop. You can sign up to the left side of this page by simply entering your email address!


Hardwired – S/T 7″ (LTL – 021) pre-order / download now available. Orders will ship in about two weeks.
Hardwired 7" Hardwired LTL Pack


Sep. 19th, 2014 UPDATE!!!! (Social Damage Pre-Orders UP)

Yo everyone I hope all is well, here is the monthly update for everyone reading!

Social Damage – Eye For An Eye 7″ / Pre-Orders are UP
Welcome the NEWEST members to the LTL CREW. Social Damage from Indianapolis, IN play a badass style of hardcore similar to Straight Ahead and Agnostic Front. Stream or download the whole record ( and expect to see them on the road soon! Order: HERE

Safe and Sound – The Tides 7″
/ Tape
FINALLY AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!! 600 records pressed (150 / special color ;), 200 / blue, 300 / black). You can order directly from the LTL store OR RevHQ, Deathwish, React Records, and of course from the band!! This release has done really well and the stock is about halfway. All pre-orders (except those with shirts) have shipped out! The shirt orders will be going out next week. Also doing a run of tapes / 150 of this release, these will be in a couple weeks!

Get A Grip – Demo 2014 Tape & Don’t Bother Me – Demo 2014 Tape
Two new LTL exclusive tapes NOW available. Get A Grip is a punk / hardcore band from Arizona that vibes like Minor Threat. Don’t Bother Me is a hardcore / punk band from south Florida that vibes like Stop and Think and early 2000 LOC style hardcore. These will be available directly from LTL, RevHQ, and of course the bands!

Truth Inside – Keeping It Alive 12″
Truth Inside ended before a final 12″ could ever come together so I’m planning on putting everything Truth Inside has ever recorded on a 12″. This shit is going to be re-mastered and badass when it’s all said and done. Keep an eye out for this one!

Upcoming Fests
Midwest Blood Fest is coming up early next year and I’m not entirely 100% sure if LTL will make it but I’m praying to the most chill gods above that it all works out! FYA Fest 2014 is going to be tight and LTL will be posted up in full effect. Last year was really sick and this year is going to be even better!

Finally updated the shipping system and it’s way easier to ship goods. ALSO got rid of the 2 or more item policy for international orders so now you can order just ONE item if you like! Going to be updating this website really soon so the band and discography sections are a little smoother and easier to look at. Make sure to sign up for the MAILING LIST and keep in the loop through EMAIL It is A LOT easier to keep track of what is popping.

Social Networks
#lifetoliverecords on Instagram when you receive your orders! @lifetoliverecords on Instagram, @lifetoliverecs on Twitter

Live your life exactly how YOU want to. Fuck the people who look down on you for being YOURSELF.


July 11th, 2014 UPDATE!!!!

Yo everyone I’ve been on a two month hip-hop tour for DCAN so I apologize for slacking on this site. I’ve been home for a week and shipped out all recent orders so thank you for being patient. I will be gone for two more weeks but in the meanwhile here is what has been happening:

DCAN – DREAMS MUSIC VIDEO (shameless self-promotion)
We spent hours upon hours shooting footage for this bad boy in the Orlando, FL area. Do me a solid and check it out and give it a share!

Dogchains – Give/Take 7″
This record is out and it’s fucking rad. Make sure to check it out and download it through the LTL bandcamp. I have about 100 copies of this bad boy left so make sure to scoop one with your next order!

Safe and Sound – The Tides 7″
The tests presses should be in any day now! It’s taking a little bit longer than expected but by now everyone should at least have a digital copy of the music! Make sure to keep up with Safe and Sound on facebook and twitter to see everything they are up to. I know they have a cool Canada tour lined up so that’s pretty sick.

LTL Exclusive Tapes
Some people might be wondering why I have been doing these random tapes lately. Some people might not give a damn. I’ve been releasing exclusive hand-numbered tapes out of 100 for a few bands lately. I like putting out demos so I’m doing tapes here and there for bands with SICK demos.  Check out Self Destruct – Demo 2014, Hardwired – Demo 2014, Head Creeps – Demo 2014, DCAN – Extended Play, and soon Get A Grip – Demo 2014. No I am not just going to be putting out tapes only if you are curious. I love releasing actual records so those aren’t going to stop.

LTL Distro
The distro game over here is wilder than ever. I basically like to stock shit I like so you will see a ton of cool hardcore records in the distro plus a lot of other stuff such as AFI and even NAS (gotta have some classic hip-hop in there). I do my best to ship stuff out as quick as I can but keep in mind that LTL is only one dude (it’s D-CAN baby).

Besides the tapes lined up, I have a couple cool things in the works. That will be announced when things get more solidified!

Thanks to all the continued support! I’ve been using instagram (lifetoliverecords) and twitter (lifetoliverecs) a lot more lately. Facebook sucks ass now so keep up by following on the other social networks!


LTL Update – Jan. 31st

Hey everyone, Dan here, and this is the part of the update where I like to ramble on about nothing for a few seconds until I feel like starting the actual update. Hardcore is tight though so here is what is happening.

Dogchains – Give / Take 7″First of all, Dogchains has joined the LTL crew. Dogchains is from Germany and they play a sick style of hardcore that reminds me a lot of Justice. I have teamed up with Straight & Alert Records and Balance Records to have a 3-way…….RELEASE! Yeah you thought it was going to get dirty there didn’t you? Bunch of perverts. Anyways, the LTL pre-orders will drop Friday morning around 9AM. Got a cool package deal going on and a few test presses up for grabs so make sure you are up in time! Listen to SUN off the 7″ here. It makes me want to rock the hell out. Yeah I said rock.

Safe and Sound – The Tides 7″
The northwest dudes have just finished writing for their debut 7″ “THE TIDES”. They will be hitting the studio this February and then that shit is going to be dropping. They have a track on a sweet React Records compilation called Winds Of Change. Make sure to pick that up because the comp. is awesome and React is the coolest label around. Catch them playing Rainfest this year and hitting the west coast and other cool areas. Make sure to follow them on facebook here to keep up with them!

??? 7″
Yeah I have something cool in the works for this year. If things go according to plan we will have another cool release lined up for Summer.

New LTL shirts for a new year
Got some SWEET new record label shirts for the new year. Gray w/ blue print and Maroon w/ white print. Front and back on ALstyle tees aka that baller shit. Shout outs to Chris Mollet for the sweet design work. Check em out HERE

Losin’ It – No Apology LP
This LP is down to the last of it’s pressing. Will there be a second press? Most likely. When? I don’t know yet but pick up a copy from the first press in the online store before they run out!

LTL Tumblr & Twitter
I’ve started posting and tweeting a lot more so follow LTL on both social networks if you are into that sorta thing. TUMBLR | TWITTER

LTL Trade Game / Distro
Shout outs to Revelation Records, React Records, Youngblood Records, Bridge Nine Records, Lost Time Records, Mind Rot Records for all the awesome trades. It’s cool to see bigger labels carrying the LTL goods. I’m just pumped and I want you to know I’m pumped. :’) If you are trying to carry LTL and don’t want to buy wholesale, hit me up and maybe we can work out a trade!

FYA Fest
Shout outs to everyone that picked up some merch from the LTL table during FYA Fest. It was the first time LTL set up at a sweet hardcore first and it was an awesome time. It was great meeting new people and hope to do it again next year!

Closing Statement
It’s getting kinda late and when I get sleepy I don’t make a lot of sense. Not even kidding at all like I’m honestly surprised I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of

Out Now
Afflictive Nature – Judged Punished Erased 7″
Violence To Fade – Tug Of War 7″
Rad Summer 2013 Tape
Truth Inside 2013 Tape
Cold Hearted – Lunacy 7″
Losin’ It – No Apology LP
Losin’ It – Danger Zone 7″ (2nd press)
Step Aside – Reaching Out 7″ (2nd press)
Ivy League – S/T 7″ (2nd press)
Provider – Wasteland 7″
Overlooked – Nothing Is Sacred 7″

LTL Update Nov.

YO YO YO Sorry I’ve been slacking on this site lately but if you order anything then you know what is going on through our mini zines that go out in only orders. Enough sass though, here is what the hell is going on!!!!!

Safe and Sound – Northwest Straight Edge
Newest members to the LTL crew. They are currently on tour doing the damn thing and we have a cool ten yard fight rip tee in the LTL store. Only a few made so scoop one while you can here! When they get back they are going to record their debut 7″. It isn’t named yet but I can assure you this record will be a banger.

Violence To Fade – Tug Of War 7″
Tug Of WAR. The debut 7″ from Violence To Fade. The test presses have been approved and now we wait for the real deal to arrive. I wish I was better with dates but I never receive a for sure answer when dealing with these pressing companies so you will have to just bare with these little lame updates! If you haven’t pre-ordered the record, DO IT NOW! If not then at least give it a listen because it’s a great record!

LTL Hoodies For The FIRST Time EVER
We’ve done shirts, beanies, and even crewnecks but now hoodies are checked off the list. Only a limited run of navy blue hoodies with a sweet front and back print. Thanks to Lennon from Losin’ It for the design work. Check the hoodies out here.

Life To Live on INSTAGRAM
Finally joined the IG game so follow for nice ass photos that make our merch and what not look a lot cooler than it actually is. On the really cool side, I post random sales and giveaways on their so keep up and you can get some cool stuff randomly! The IG is @lifetoliverecords and the hashtag is #lifetoliverecords

Pick up LTL releases at these cool places now: RevHQ, Deathwish Inc., React! Records, Youngblood Records, Trip Machine Labs, Mind Rot Records, Vinyl Conflict. If you are reading this and want to trade I am usually down (vinyl / tapes only!) as long as you live in the US. Unfortunately trades with other countries has become too expensive because of the stupid shipping rates.

Closing Statement
Speak your mind. Voice your opinion. Don’t do shit because everyone else is doing it. Be original and think for yourself. Some simple positive vibes to spread out.

Violence To Fade & Safe and Sound Join LTL!!!

It’s been a busy couple of months so I apologize for not updating as much. Like LTL on facebook and also sign up for the mailing list to stay in the loop a little more. Violence To Fade (ex ALERT) and Safe and Sound (NWHC) have both joined the crew. Both bands play different youth crew styles of hardcore. Both bands are fucking awesome and you will NOT be disappointed. Check out both bands on their facebook pages!

ALSO, the latest in LTL is the new distro. I decided it’d be awesome to expand the distro section of LTL and even put it in its very own section. TONS of new 7″ & 12″ records. Make sure to check it out and if you live outside the US, please order 2 or more items. Shipping costs are screwing us hard over here in the US so this is the only way to make things work. Hop you can understand.

Afflictive Nature Full Album Stream / Pre-Orders

Thanks to our good friend Wayne over at Toxicbreed’s Funhouse for consistently hosting these album streams for each LTL release.  Check out the full album and make sure to pre-order a copy of the record and a shirt when it goes up Friday morning at 10:00 AM CDT.  The Truth Inside pre-orders will also be going up with limited bleach-dyed shirts.

Here is the Afflictive Nature “JUDGED PUNISHED ERASED” album stream:

Pre-Order both the new Truth Inside & Afflictive Nature releases here: